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agent in preventing and controlling hemorrhage from
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the morbid process is situated in the cpitympanum every
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sentative indicate that for many mouths cases of dip ntln ria
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twopence per week far too much for attendance on a family
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he fell and his arms were severely strained by holding the
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Dr. Xewtox i lTT remarked that taking a considerab e
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theria that it is even sometimes found in normal mucous
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Dr. Thomas Fagoe writes from Monte Carlo stating that he was never
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analgesic is slight. Many practitioners employ it extensively
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Prizb. Dr. Aubert of MAcon has offered a prize to be
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river near the town quay where a considerable deposit has
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At Scarborough improvement in the boys condition waB
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September 1st. Ko bacteriological examination was made.
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could only be taken away in small pieces this was rather
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quarter it is much too small and considerably below the average paid
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half to one grain of lead per gallon. A lead epidemic through which
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ounces consisting of phosphate of lime removed by lumbar
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which IS endeavouring to furnish this charitable luxury
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knife. We do not. however remember to have come across
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the vigour of his intervention. But unhappily he was as
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Origin Nature and Treatment. The prize wa i 12 tX francs.
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used before they enter the institutions for the deaf and
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In respect of non effectiveness in war tlic American Surgeon General
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similar condition in the interior of the tympanum the patient
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lished in the British Medical Joubnal of November 17th.
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distension the colon was tapped and this was followed by
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this year was not confined to London only but that it pre
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Lecture 15. A candid statement of the origin and distinc
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Surgeon of the Nassau during the encounters with the Sulee pirates and
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surgical hospital for the two sexes is annexed a policlinic
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the enlarged part and where the string has not been re
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is now more one of weakness than pain with occasional
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immunity is due to a material in the blood a solution of
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Roux states that his practice has been to give 20 c.cm.

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