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by the injection of Morton s fluid. Mr Atkin showed a man

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dining room ofKces baths closets kitchen and extra dining

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able shortening came to me wearing O Connor s apparatus with which

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possess surgical qualification. Appointment for six months but may

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physician of these days was Sir Theodore Maycrne whose

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pletely. No local cause observable for paralysis of left cord.

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those who returned to their homes were the means of spread

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from the public and that his conduct in connection with

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shoulders head and arms whilst the feet are shifted a little from time

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had been an unqualified assistant to various doctors for ten

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up if possible apart from the contaminations of the work

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Suggestions in our report were also made under the follow

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on the left si.le. The palate was closed throughout its whole extent on

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has got and for how long or whether further treatment will

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surFaw. Hps on tlip inside and not within the triangle as it

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side in a vertical direction for a space of about 6 inches by

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The changes in the astragalus are chiefly observable in the

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Arrow has generally spoken in a liberal and independent tone

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Dr. Craig Dixpon. It was resoived that letters of condolence

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rewards much difference of opinion exists among local

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must be forwarded after that date to the General Secretary

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It WHS believed that the air taken into the lungs was first

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in distilled water and the result seemed to be highly satis

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or a cerebral collection. Further exploration for the time was

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other cases being too deeply seated multiple or situated in

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it for that grain of uric acid if introduced mav not only

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sibility by transferring its dismissal power to the guardians.

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tion that the separation of the solid excreta is to be regarded

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bitten by the modern mania for drying blood passing it

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pended. The pulilication forms a solid volume of 718 pages.

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mistaken for local disease and it is a common experience to

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liar. To those who must keep notes of facts to physicians

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