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face to face with this most dangerous disease. There is no
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ment of civic liberties and the efficiency of the great
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tion continued for a few moments will render the limb
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commonest symptoms of diphtheria and Dr. Goodall con
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out improvement on inflation in which the prognosis was un
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Easily adopted methods for tlie purpose of distinguishing
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was of very rapid growth and gave rise to such marked
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the treatment. His verdict was not encouraging. Bethought
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seat of the last injection. Noticing that the treatment m.ade
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reports to the provision in their worivhouse for the care of the sick
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In the charter itself one or two spfecial points demand
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Captain A. B. GnANT read a case of Lymphadenoma a disease
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slightly granular organism in size from three to six times
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recorded some twenty four hours earlier before collapse had
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idea illustrates the way in which the astragalus is displaepd
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the habit of holding meetings yearly in connection with the
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as yet non existent. So the trustees have failed to get
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A crnior.s story came out at an inquiry held by Mr. Braxton
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believed that although all such cases were liuilt upon a
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obtai ned from tlreir payments should at fixed intervals be handed over
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this treatment would lessen the extent of the infection and
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of the honourable character of the profession to which he
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ments are incompatible with the due performance of his
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serum to provincial hospitals through the Editor of the
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prived by the licensing authorities and whose names had
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humanity demands that the execution shall be swift and
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sideration of their scheme and a rediscussion of it at the

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