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CASEXxxn. R K. Early stage 2 pupils sluggish knee jerk weak
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sioner had given rise to any misunderstanding as to the treatment of
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pamphlet contains a series of short articles on various
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tation Afloat 1S67 The Geographical I istribution of
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the first two certainly correspond in their clinical features
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of sensation were noticed in the limbs. The extreme prostration
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iron and the nose washed with a douche of boracic acid.
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The following specimens were shown Dr. Eobeets Living
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public health. Under these circumstances Dr. Verdon
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services the medical man serves but as a decoy duck for
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That this is so will be seen from the following considera
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for them to do so bv financial and other assistance. nd I further
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Chadwick s tables. Such a proposal if it can be realised
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ar Queries answers and communications relating to Sitbjects to which
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in the light of recent discovrries. Tuberculosis was a germ
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harm result from this manipulation which he regarded as the
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had lessened distinctly. The membrane looked thinner and
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among other symptoms a restlessness combined with ataxia.
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commissure with clean and unused scissors. A fresh stream
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A minute examination of the cases published since then
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In fact by this time Dr. Smith felt justified in expressing
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grounds namely that there are nuny men who by dint of
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forceps and removed with the aid of a raspatory and a
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prove a real boon in a class of cases hitherto hardly accessible
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must be forwarded after that date to the General Secretary
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for supposing that tlie protection granted could be sustained.
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consequence averse to use it. He shouM like to mention a
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the walking pf wer.s were gradually aflected. There was dis

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