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number of lunatics under treatment during 18S13 was 243 1 5 males and
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to have a very special tendency to extend by continuity of
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Protection Society held on November 8th the condition of
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diphtheria 4 of these were intubated and 1 tracheotomised.
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ples and allowed to heal from the bottom. The s ound
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was warmly advocated at that time by several medical prac
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vagina. There was extreme sensitiveness upon digital ex
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and liandy guide to. Vlgiers that it is only necessary to say that
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cases illustrates the course usually taken when the disease of
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operation room at the Royal Hospital Belfast completely
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the common duct arising from malignant disease in the
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i ured a finger which about a week later had become so painful
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was entirely lost. Sickness and diarrhrea were constant and
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normal. Careful palpation fails to reveal tenderness over the
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with By law 5 that Branch Secretaries subscription ac
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conference a more detailed programme was laid down which
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sanitation of tenements lodging houses places of amuse
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which demonstrate very conclusively that such is not the
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wave were at the same time increased. Such effects were
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travenous injection in the course of an hour or more.
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that the patient should get the benefit of the minor opera
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diphtheria antitoxin and of making some arrangements with
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tinctions. Commercial methods of preparation. Confec
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a very small average number of patients another proof of
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ism along with and in comparison with the fluctuations of
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of the institute is 101. ircat Russell Street. The scrum will
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murtem appearances are certainly not the malaria parasite
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catarrhal symptoms the patient should be directed to use the
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those 2 had had acute rheumatism some little time beforeh
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Insanity. Dr. Fbank Hay A Case oi Epilepsy with Im
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sonal identity the causes producing violent death examina
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Fowler Cirencester Presidential Address on Circumcision its Advan
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opposed to the use of mei hanical apparatus. The Presidbst
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the Francis Josenh Audiffier prize given for acts of devotion.
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Each of tliese operations has a place in obstetric sUrgery
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a e powerful in Couvulsionsfand good against the B.tings of Serpents
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nursing. In such cases removal to a well equipped hos
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fessor Dewar has suggested the possibility of the Kayleigh
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or household filters which are used for this purpose none of
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chloroform the powers of circulation or of respiration are the
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little doubt that under such circumstances before the tiro
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paper accepted for reading will be ipso facto accepted for
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The medical officer to the County Council of Worcester
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the Local government Board and in the case of rural
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had suffered from deafness subsequent to an attack of
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to permit it to work its ravages under conditions of lowered
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ing urged that the object of an examination was not so much
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Ferousos. On November 20tl gt at Lozells Road Birmingham tlie wife
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preciative welcome to Dr. Jameson on his return to this
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within twelve hours the pulse rate also fell but the
injection orphenadrine citrate up to 60 mg
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could be inspected by anyone interested in the proper administration of
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anthrax in any form but a disease as distinct as is small pox
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mediate action and it is to be hoped that this fresh pub
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In the mid dorsal region both columns were also similarly
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hemming the bed in a corner. They were mostly about
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authorities receive from tlie medical officer of health a return
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abdomen fix a serre n cud low doivn and remove the part
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had a set constructed the largest of which was made in ac
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the charge was that he Tibbits by representations to the
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loudly declaimed by its opponents the existence of genuine
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hospital and college Sir Walter Foster said that ore of his
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Personally he had always maintained that it was in a
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there appeared to be an ample supply. The closets have a
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The sequeh c and complications were also dillerent. There
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those not properly prepared 3 from administering it in an
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President joined in the discussion which followed. Dr.
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ham General Hospital with Mr. Knyvett Factory Inspector
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carried on deliberately for immoral purposes and to be used
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suffering from py emia before the cellulitis of both orbits
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boy about whose eyes Dr. Evelyn had had some question at
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particular case is shortly described. The same course is
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ment for six months. Salary 20 per annum with board and resi
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regard it as an indication of sclerosis and one that will
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