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In the middle and lower lumbar regions there appeared to

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the houses surrounding even the dirtiest parts of the

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the specimens and of only having read an abstract of the

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I have tried to account for this by supposing that when

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tion in which he now lies. It has for some time past been

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generally. In sections stained in aniline bluc black. car

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present imperfect system of procedure for the certifying of deaths a

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few left to deny whatever their views on the physiological

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will be seen on reference to the general table Xo. 1 already

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made by Messrs. Swift as well as several other microscopical

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worth repeating it is We have three certificated midwives

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disposed to the disease. The writer entertains the opinion

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length and vaccination is every day sufl ering as a conse

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able to believe that it is present there as being in its normal

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the mouth by this proceeding will astonish those who have

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persistent derangement of the intestinal canal mental de

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We noticed small ventilators in the walls at the level of ihe

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cases by the principals concerned are of such a character ihat

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required from efl ete nitrogen in the form of uric acid and its

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the houses surrounding even the dirtiest parts of the

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the gali bladder were distended the distension varying in

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now make au earnest appeal lor help to enable them to ex

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cultures in the country far from the simplest apparatus of

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gradual reduction of the pressure it is possible for him to

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early instances need not have been imported but have been

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was expected to prove an important work on the medical

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He furtlier says that tlie etiology of follicular catarrh has

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the large chamber in the superior maxilla. Indeed the wall amp

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D. Stanistreet. Deputy Inspector General for service in the department

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abscess sac. polypi cysts necrosed bone or cholesteatomatous

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and played in the stable until two years before admission.

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Peactical Cilveity. Recently there has been opened in

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politan area would have taken little more than six weeks to

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be able to improve the condition of those attacked. He

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above the physical abstraction of heat diminution of its pro

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drinking to excess has had great antiquity therefore the

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in ignorance of the laws whic h govern the solubility of uric

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space so tliat when urgent dyspncea finally supervenes

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number of coulinements was about 26 in the year. This de

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periments along with the rate of filtration and the pro

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months as follows A ligature of rubber tubing was tied round the

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wrong could hf found. She eventually went out and the

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condemnation. There is no precedent for it. The honorary medical

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by itself as an ana sthetic is unjustifiable and should be

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ments in the treatment of and operations on the diU erent

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be possible to form an opinion as to the real significance of

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seen a case of death from pneumothorax with mediastinal

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bad Mr. Satton noticed a primary lesion. He himself was

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regulation to do so to pay extra for the administration of an

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A. DE B. We have referred our correspondents inquiry to Brigade

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American Medical As. ociai on states that the Consuls of the United States

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it has unquestionably been a factor of incalculable value in

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relief shall be entitled to his vote while he who accepts any

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died of phthisis the offspring would die not only at an earlier

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