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decay of the teeth. And not only are the teeth affected but putrefaction

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area bounded by the various bony curves and elevations.

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recommended as a means of permitting light to reach the skin. Gray

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Generous Diet Needed. This disease may be very rapid in its course

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instance may be consulted for edema or dropsy of the extremities indi

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group of cases included under the term remittent fever are bilious re

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abdominal cavity was made and as the patient did not Im

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Might not the effect be in the nature of electrolysis

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General Rules. Diet should consist largely of easily digested fats

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a fruitful source of nosophobia the patient not in

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what should be supplied as a result of health and vigor. A prominent

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tions excitation of which gives conjugate deviation of the eye.

bactrim 800-160 uti

on the right side were about 4 times their normal thick

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Other Preparations. Two or three other tables or stands are placed

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tract made of tubercle bacilli with toluol upon which tryp

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