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licity given to the fact that covering is an offence re

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or Dr. Fraser could put in a very short space the recognised

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mittee hope to found a great institution which will become a

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shut. But that which is of real importance to him and that

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time and force. Moreover its acquisition involves a limited

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mersions in water at a temperature varying from 5 0 to 98

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to the stomach where it excited appetite the water went

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head on the individual coins piled one on top of the other

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one Dr. Wakizaka was elected. Japanese doctors would

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until they dissolve the flush being assumed to be merely a

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police could be usefully employed in this matter and so tflke

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or household filters which are used for this purpose none of

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port not only from the point of view of philanthropy but

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England he gave a summary of t4 cases collected from the

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pneumonia in whicli the temperature rose to 106.2 and in

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posal of the dead and for securing an accurate record

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some cases become. For instance there is the famous

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nursed under the supervision of the trained superiuteudent but mat

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previously collapsed. If inflation produces no improvement

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term Dr. Smyly this year performed Ca sarean section and

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paralytic sequelae it was deemed advisable to use antitoxin

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SON read notes of 1 X successive cages of Flatulenceand Pain

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certainly seemed to lose its malignant character at an earlier

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and again attacked by ague like paroxysms genevAlly with

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rei earch and even a cross baby should tie contemplated

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between 6 or 7 ounces Practitioners should remember theae

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of the registration party. Manchester and Liverpool liave

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studente Ettore Ballanti per vendicarsi dell insuccesso ngli

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for ratification at the next meeting in January. It was re

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The larger percentage of recoveries after intubation as com

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sutures the more the better. 1 liave alFO tried partial removal some

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of the second horse was considerably stronger therefore

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the comparatively large trachea. At this point when the

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close as before I byd you before to sowe the skyn and when

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peared in Paris on Saturday last December loth. It will be

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under 1 year there were 2t3 deaths in public institutions

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stances the ShefBeld guardians have devised a new scheme

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the local fairs which take place in different quarters of Paris.

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tracheotomy was finally resorted to while the patient was un

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