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Meetings of the Council will be held on January 16th April

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operate on the nasal cavity whenever there were symptoms of

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who had been sent to him for the removal of the nasal

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tion. The skin disease began about two years ago soon

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urged upon all and there is a llooil of picture cirds.

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tion is often diminished and apparently to a greater extent

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In connection with the discussion of these points I may

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in France. It would carry us perhaps too far if we were to

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the same lines as after the former operation. The marble

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mortality last quarter in any of the sanitary areas. The Metropolitan

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the regiments mentioned dated November 7th John Wrefoed 1st

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servient condition to which tlio board has allowed itself to be reduced

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questions of comparative mortality or of the efficacy of

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rally regarded as the most delicately tactile. Tlie situation is

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Just at this time it happened that Mr. Winwood Reade a

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forward exactly the same arguments in favour of a similar

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proper frame of miud. we need no longer go in fear of red

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tlabby. and yellowish in colour degeneratio adiposa myo

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of view but in justice to the management we must say that

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many cervical sections there is a little degeneration running

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antitoxin of Behring s discovery. The consequence was a

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of left side of face which was noticeable on inspection under

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on forms to be obtained at the office of the Committee endorsed

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mixture with son e foreign substance so that the individual

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certain differences of opinion among the members of the

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attack of erysipelas from which she was recovering when the

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negativeresults. She takes nourishment well but has emaciated greatly.

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wound of the artery at the time of the operation for If such

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epicardium between the rupture and the ventricular septum

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has been commenced and the detects which he may detect

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that the man was still able to walk about with care 2 that

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radical scheme seems tbeiefore necessary. New hospital wards

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and have a lid titted which admits of the tin being closed

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piece of elastic tubing round it. This was compressed gently

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local reaction at the sites of injection and no symptoms of

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With regard to the remedy being secret he Mr. Acland

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diameter removed after death from the pituitary fossa

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I HAVE within the past year removed the malleus from

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chloroform anesthesia. Oblique incision through costo iliac

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which would be thrown upon the local authorities if medical

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that every horse mvile and ass in a stable where glanders

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vance resulted from the study of individual cases and their

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reviews hydroxatone instant effect

and in cases where the artificial food is used entirely natural

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enamel of the teeth was not often met with. In Sydney the

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hemiplegia having preceded the laryngeal paralysis by eight

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spastic following paraplegic conditions. Westphal. Miekle

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gous to that used for aphasia by the French school. Thus

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These branches are very irregularly distributed. In this in

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legislation will come just as it did for the chemists and tlie

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which began as a few vesicles near the lip and rapidly

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