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medium eieits a strong chr mical action on the impurities
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own. That brief sketch of tlie position which this important
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hospital. Denying the statements made by the committee
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aspersion on the press without any ground whatever.
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bral tumour should not do as much for ceiebellar tumours.
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acute rheumatism. The fourth was preceded by a sharp
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in special teaching but that they will whenever possible make it e. usy
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the common duct arising from malignant disease in the
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the Professorship of Anatomy and Dr. Paterson of Cardiff
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Dundee and Glasgow. The 2 0 deaths registered in Glasgow included 17
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Dr. Klein informs us that the ordinary therapeutic dose is
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The medical schools at their Fall opening had large classes
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senting the characteristics of this disease. But on examina
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vagina. There was extreme sensitiveness upon digital ex
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Surgeon from March 31st 1874 and as Surgeon LieutenantColonel from
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committee of the hospital to our protest were read. A re
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the President elect i r. Russell fieynolds the I resident of
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consequence of the escape of cerebro spinal fluid as there
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all go down before bounce. While that remains the case
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Db. Tyson observed that an important question often arose
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space and mechanically interfering with or altogether pre
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gut sutures traction on which should only be sufficient
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a matter of prolonged attendance but of first aid in emer
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first outbreak of influenza in London and were also below
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about to enter at one of the medical schools if he should
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weeks had come by far the lowest mortality of the year. It
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We were thus able to obtain filters in which the following
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enormous scale since 188 j and has been scientifically investi
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this opportunity of publishing the following notes
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Mr. H. Allinqham said he had had 7 cases of the kind
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the third day. The patient was semicomatose and had
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dangers of the disease and of its sequelfe arose largely from
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tract rates. With regard to the latter which our correspondent had
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of the samples conveyed tuberculous infection. AVe are not
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will be seen various other drugs were tried in all cases with
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cent of the cases was an initial rash present. The rashes

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