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which he so richly endowed by means of his vast knowledge
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granulations must be removed before the suppuration will
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Herbert Sir Henry Storks Sir Andrew Smith Thomas Alexander
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mother secretes the substances of nutrition which by coining in con
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cent. The oldest patient on whom ovariotomy has yet been per
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can be no doubt. Its ability to produce contraction of
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must be authentteated by the names and addresses of their writers
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more generally not or what that power is that excites the Gen. vl
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sound constitution and free from all the usual infirmities
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education viz. by invoking the strong arm of the law.
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and cardiac dropsy. Its effects are not less striking in the dilatation of
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bitter stomachics yarrow and gentian sulphur the neutral salts
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bladder trouble. She cannot hold her urine longer than two
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conditions does not clearly appear. Another correspondent believes he can recog
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accompany or follow the larval hookworms in their passage
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much to clarify this situation. It was also doubtful
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using hay in which it is found in any appreciable quantity
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Ruptures of the uterus may either be spontaneous or due to
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Such men as Lusk Wenckel Tarnier Playfair Zweifel Ether idge
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some kind of fatty matter blended with water probably by means
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formed. In certain cases there may be no pain in others pain may
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gerous sequence of cholecystostomy and external biliarj
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tion have led to some difficulty in settling the question of malignancy.
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due to the destruction of leukocytes caused by the toxic action of the
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of a iaumber of experiments performed in Professor Ludwig s
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adhesions after washing out the cavity as Dr. ylle had
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case were excepted. It was not quite two years since
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shall find a concise and clear exposition. Stomachic and audi
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receiving sufficient blood for its normal stimulation analogous to what
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she was bitten on the leg by some animal believed to
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large tube inserted at the same time an abscess of the
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passing into the adenoid tissue surrounding the intestine
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headache pains in the eyes nausea vomiting etc. Xest conges

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