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Communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the
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be thoroughly furnished without such a filter. The New
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Dr. Bbkckxell who appeared said in answer tothecharge
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siderable number of detached masses some of irregular shape some
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delirious and ultimately unconscious he did not appear to
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the placenta with the result that the patient died from
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theria by bacteriological diagnosis. In all 3 cases the
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long career Ur. Withers VIoore was one of the most attached
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people think little of passing a few yards of parasite.
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produce inhibition. There is certainly no a priori reason why
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It is well known that in the Middle Vges the practice of
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examined. This brought the total examined up to 102.
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many salts of the mineral acids has the power of converting
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north of London but in reality it is one which affects the
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placenta due perhaps to syphilitic or tuberculous diathesis
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its session on Monday. Mr. Theobald s name had been re
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lie on her side. On Octoberlst the following note was taken
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in the fluids in the ordinary sense of the word. If Mr. Theobald
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by further experience he would have made a valuable addi
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of a mild type and no deaths occurred last week. In ad
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Service but they were closely followed by the 1st Bucks 2nd Liverpool
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a boy aged 13. Surgeon Major Maitland showed specimens
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seen. I cannot help thinking that the cases in which
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having so many readers should so prostitute his oppor
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and the early spring abroad in a climate more snnny dry bodyblade beach
that interval Surgeon Captain Smyth and myself came to the
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gone considerably and the membrane was peeling oir
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Classes in the new School were actually begun in November
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Sir Thomas Grainger Stewart who indicated that in his
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ditt erent filters. The substances used in these experiments
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Dr. Amand Routh said that Dr. Dabbs of Shanklin had
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covering and one which probably most medical men submit to cheer
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to cut away the cord close to its placental insertion and to
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in my belief relied too exclusively on rest and digitalis
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of phthisis the treatment by antipyrin and phenacetin was
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tricts occupy a well raised central position at the northern or basal limit
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gested that this is due to a minute crack or fault present on
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presented to tlic Council on Noveinljer 2. th. 1891 and adopted on tlie
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A MOXTMBNT to Dr. Jamcs Henry Bennet the discoverer
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different health resorts of fog and of excessive cold while
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of posterior sclerosis commenced only six years ago. The
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best promoted by the Association. This Committee will
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Horsley stated that out of 168 cases of simple fracture of
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opportunity was also afforded me of seeing these same boys
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masses can be felt in Douglas s pouch. Bimanually these
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this. In a short time it was found that union was taking
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end closing on expiration opening on inspiration till the
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In all cases where signs of paralysis were noted repeated
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houses in which nine cases appeared. Each of these families was sup
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spaces were filled with powder of iodoform and boracic
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It is necessary that the stream should be larger and stronger
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patients when we visited. One man was placed in a separate
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think It would but you must ask Dr. Tibbits that because I
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Epilepsy by Professor Ogston. 4 Hospital notes on a Case of Spas
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stance made in the axilla through which the vessels and
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together with a compendium of doses of pharmacopoeia..
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But wh.atever may be the rights and wrongs of our dispute with the
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fended in theory and are open to abuses as are all such
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