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that it possesses higli therapeutic value and holds that it is
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subject for congratulation that the matter was already in so
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That the Council be requested to appoint a conjoint committee of
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and we are duly informed that remittances sent will be
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Hospital i tockwell had by the kindness of Dr. Rutfer been
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spent on the Lisbon station is full of interest the descrip
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Confirmation of Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting
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from Mr. William Debenham for the building fund of the
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done away with. The chances of gangrene were not greater
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tal should give their services. They in fact stood upon
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tions has been settled most satisfactorily by the hy dro electric
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various calibers and a light carrier which is inserted
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with the toxins neutralised them or at any rate their
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puration of the Middle Ear and its Operative Treatment.
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had become acquainted during a visit which he paid to
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and the chairman in pronouncing M raffterfrd opinions as to the treat
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in its favour by Trofessor Ogstou. Trendelenburg has sug
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Calcutta on August 19th. On this occasion 300 persons
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precautions taken at the other hospital were in operation.
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forward you a report of the adjourned annual nioetiuf of our Branch
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on account of fibroids relating a case in which pregnancy
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muscular pains. The onset of vomiting arrests the sym
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rosing process. We shall form a relatively more unfavour
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cian must know what his predecessors have known if he
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fendant had obviously made a false statement and she
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ordination. In nearly all movements even in very simple
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Madam We are people of many different nationalities and ways o
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mittee and the public will await with considerable interest
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measures being taken to guarantee its authenticity.

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