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against the evils of indiscriminate medical relief secured

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taken in the forthcoming election of members to the

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the time comes and it is not far off when this imposition

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of human learning through the past centuries is well illus

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and the eyes were rolled upward and to the riglit. Clonic convulsions

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cising the pectoralis major muscle and all the fat around the

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to Dr. Mackenzie Davidson who. on examining my socket

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dant lived at Newbridge. Llanhilleth was a colliery village.

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had been held due to obstruction at the papillary orifices in

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On Blarch 7th seven days later he developed fresh typhoid

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membrane and on August Sth the child was quite well and

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The principle of compensation and slaughter has been

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sick poor and tlieir medical attendants hat we have hitherto

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question of factory labour in relation to iniant mortality.

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salicylic treatment. Lastly less paralysis had been noticed

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The President of the Kepublic has granted a free pardon to

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parts of the world and by many steamship and railway

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Dr. Foxwell showed a man recovering from a severe attack

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The Eustachian tubes had been closed not from inflamma

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owners of certain of the diaries are insured for one year

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only remnant of decency in this extraordinary custom is that

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and innumerable sebaceous cysts hanging from the abdomen

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of carbon wonderlully effective far surpassing every other.

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useful members of society and in some cases may lead to

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the most respected practitioners in the State of Jlichigan and

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Fellow of the College before he ir Andrew was born and

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Virchow continued that in view of these results he held

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in distilled water and the result seemed to be highly satis

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not relieved. Twenty four hours later the right kid

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the combating not only of diphtheria but of other infectious

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provision has been made in the set of croup tubes. Oiving to

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mended that from 5 to 10 c.cm. of serum should be given in

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that on December 22nd at the request of several leading

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The abolition of the whole system asked for by the deputa

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use of phenacetiu and at this time he rarely found it neces

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Finally during the fourth year I would have courses of

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We may add that the number of applications for admission

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the cerebral cortex Kolaudic areas. The spastic ataxias in

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to follow Inflation by catlieter for a period of three weeks

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