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of scleroderma would return. The noteworthy features of

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dependent on its intrinsic mechanism though set to work by an extrinsic

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One copy shall without delay be transmitted to the Presi

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simple or complicated. A blow on the hypogastrium may

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tkose who are weakened from hunger or fatigue are more liable than

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vent remove or mitigate the local and general effects of carcinoma of

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Mutton Broth. Add two quarts of cold water to two pounds of lean

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red blood cells and hemoglobin. 2. The salts of iron under

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forming the true seeds of disease constantly produced evolved from the

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Grippe. With dry fever restlessness and racking cough aconite

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tion and a readily ascertainable knowledge of his likes and dislikes will

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The existence of a relaxed scrotum was observed in the

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Freezing Agents These agencies are employed in the lesser opera

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sovereign remedy A mustard plaster made with two or three teaspoon

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cause for in many cases decided atrophy is not found. The

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Local Treatment of Chancre. The treatment of the primary sore or

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tion of many parsons. Maurevert also perished by retributive

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with measles. Five of these patients died. The occurrence

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irritation of the skin. If this irritation is not already too great the

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pected yellow fever occurred as well as to continue

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died. In Wilkesbarre weddings have been forbidden on

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strictly regulated and in fact nothing but tapioca sago boiled rice or

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eye. About an hour later he noticed that direct vision was

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lasses. This makes a thick paste. Commence at bedtime by eating about

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once but no injurious after effects from the electricity were

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cuspid closure one each from the tension of the aorta

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other changes have taken place. He believes the chest

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difficult respiration with extreme restlessness and suppression of the

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photographic apparatus has measured the amount of time

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of urine containing grape sugar the saccharine principle of grapes and of

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surface that will repel dust and dirt and admit of being easily cleaned.

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hospital March ti. 1899 for a tumor upon the right side of


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of the native American also greater than that of the

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shower bath or rubbing of the whole body. After that massage of the

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appearing as counsel for the defendant and a touch

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conditions for relapses. As shown by the authors cases

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enth and Cherry streets. Decemer 28. The tablet was

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pressions are frequent symptoms nervousness headache loss of appe

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severity of the attack and the prospect of recovery. The

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the skin patients should be warmly clad and avoid chilling

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larval trichinae from the intestinal canal takes place and occupies in gen

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Multiple Exostoses in a Child with Chorea. Guinon and

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General Symptoms. Inability to absorb liquids occurs in some vari

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