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cal attendant and the resident medical officer was paid a

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own. That brief sketch of tlie position which this important

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But very small current strength could be used and even

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making a saline transfusion is a glass or hard rubber

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until the chink is finally obliterated. This is what actually

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o.f the hospitals it was raled that they shall have an equal

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Wliy should it be tolerated in the case of chloroform

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readily accessible Botanic Gardens of the metropolis.

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objectionable to many and I have made a considerable number of ex

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zymotic affections. It might be taken as a fact that the

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use those which are least liable to pass into a more

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some of your numerous readers could tell me if the climate in the

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stances tlireatens exceptional danger to the community it may be de

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patient began to vomit stercoraceous fluid freely. I had no doubt this

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the union more accurate that they keep open for the time

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From the following table it will be seen that Koch s cholera

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other heteronymous disease to the wearers. The fads which

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In the treatment of suppuration of both anterior and pos

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Brouardel Dean of the Medical Faculty of Paris recently

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by layer was the safer in that the surgeon saw and knew

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of ana sthesia. Though the patient s colour becomes livid

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sensation but to produce some definite efl ect. The state of

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valuable improvements has a wonderful power. It gives up

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Officer in India from December uext. We uave good reason to believe that

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per annum with 15 yearly as Medical Officer of Health together with

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of age he would if selected for advancement with one year s

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Glandular Proliferating Cystic Disease of the Ovary weigh

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perieuced will the best results be obtained. An inexperienced

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A meeting of this District was held at Eastbourne on No

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the Society had removed it from the list ot their Licentiates.

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reeling gait which I endeavoured to contrast with the gait of

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cleansing of the premises. The measures which it had been

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very acute and prolonged pain and heaviness in the rectum increased

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volved Vt present however the report of the Commis

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breathing. The disease commenced apparently in the cel

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or less complete aphasia vocal motor amusia was the only

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with two pints of boiling witer will make a broth or it can

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Watson and Jlessrs. Ross and exhibited specimens of their

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was now in bed. The patient recognised me shook hands

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schools have been chartered in the United States. Although

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in our columns at the time. Since his arrival in India M.

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was held at St. Bartholomew s Hospital Rochester on

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consider an application from the guardians for sanction to the payment

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muscles formed of three layers of fibres Guy de Chauliac

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a cerebral tumour twelve months previously. A discussion

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tion of netvous straetures and that the symptoms and

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for the injection is the loose tissue between the shoulders

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in spite of external operation Dr. Grant found that suppura

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The adoption of measures such as those in force in Switzer

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be anticipated. It is more likely that this supposition is

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m complications. In one case death occurred within eight

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very little is known of the country and of its diseases or of

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Army and Navy Gazette Becemher 1st inserts some exceedingly pointed

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for stenosis of the trachea. In a recent case of syphilitic

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prove not to be diphtheria would not seem to preclude the

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medical students the recognition of ordinary schools as

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Washbonrn had stated that some of the colonies in his tubes

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We regret to record the death of this well known and

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Leeds where he became a pupil of Mr. Richard Hiley and

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work. It is to be hoped that before long their charity will

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appear at once in the filtrate. 2. As the passage of the microbes

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course oi any one case varying from 5 to 90 With a

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having a water flush are outside each ward on the first floor

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Laveran s discoveries were made with unstained prepara

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- The SurveyBlock team