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above and including other details closed the report.
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Lecture 42. The disposal of excreta and garbage in vil
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With the aid of a munificent grant from the Eellahonstort
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treatment in the Metropolitan A.sylunis Hospitals and iu the Uighgate
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Column as Principal Medical Officer of the entire Naval Brigade and ad
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From these figures the writers concluded that the i.ewer
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sent to the proper wards and are given proper treatment.
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day. Galen too recommended vinegar or tincture of squill
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the year those Fellows who d sire it can have their part bound
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in diphtheria products removed from a patient s throat with
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the General Medical Council. He said it was the unani
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in speaking of the constancy of the bacillus. The cases in
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side. The right nostril however showed an irregular warty
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and isa true antipyietic for a more prolonged administra
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which it will I think he well worth eliciting the opinions of
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the nurse grasp the child s head between his hands hold it
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mixture with son e foreign substance so that the individual
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causes conjunctival troubles in diflerent parts of England
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in inaccurate reports. The only way in his opinion to get
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gin of the cord just anterior to the crossed pyramidal tracts a
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for this treatment were those arising from bronchiectasis.
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the principle of superannuation was fully recognised by the

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