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of pyloric obstruction of some months duration constant
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an apparently simple attack of serous pleurisy from which
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by a period of calm but with the advancing years labour
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delivex ed to women students at St. Mary s which contained
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house supplied from this source cases appeared. The cows were ex
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figures themselves do not warrant such a conclusion.
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mechanically indiff erent to the suS erings of those thereby
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and rv afterwards sliowed signs of diphtherial paralysis.
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to attempt this especially as such work would be so much
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of the conditions under which Nature herself seeks relief by
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factors 1. The dyspncea is generally relieved earlier than
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There can accordingly be no question that these fllteis
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accuracy at a later stage of the operation. At the otiposite
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Thus the tirst part of the anterior ventricln the snatof
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of the committee for the appeal to the House of Lords should
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patient with about 1 white to. or 10 red corpuscles. The
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academic body or senate possesses no executive powers
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ablution any intense thermal or mechanical stimulation
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ning of the case. It is impossible to say which was primary
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thermal mechanisms and their relation to centres in the

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