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committed assaults which might have ended in homioide.

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towns. There were 31 small pox patients under treatment in the Metro

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the Norfolk Regiment is appointed Surgeon Captain to the 2nd Volunteer

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sulphur the material was gradually acted upon and the sul

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ments in its method of dealing with papers. It has often

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regard to the Harness case he placed before the Council

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sidered by the members of the Committee. Dr. Tuke also

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Medical Officer of Health St. Mary Stoke Newington.

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medical adviser. If Mr. Eraser Black will name the man

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of clot these must have become rounded from constant

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man improved morally but not physically for he left with

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lance work for county councils under the technical education

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engaged for years past in the effort to relieve itself of respon

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an M D. Many of the universities desire to possess this

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information which he had directed the police to procure

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the heart were relieved at oncfe after taking peptonised milk. The sfgns

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cal men arise from 1 the smallness of the fee at present

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front the resistance was diminished by one half. There was in conse

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tion and forty five doctors have settled last year in the

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amount and accompanied by periodic attacks of jjain with

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that danger does not arise until a far larger proportion is reached than

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silver as well as syphilif you will not have wasted yoir hour

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are prepared in any case where an anfesthetic has been required to

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have been recngoised in the most practical manner by the

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I may remark that X. has no qualification medical surgical or

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to the way in which water is associated with disease super

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ether having been administered the patient may be propped

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sorvices in Mashonaland liave been recognised recently by

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motion in the administrative grades of the Army Medical

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to which attention is drawn by Mr. Ernest Hart in his

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corroborated the law of the particular suseeplibility of the

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of the fact that the pUi n was treated thoroughly a e v

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send away out of the hospital any patient whose delirium

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The treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of

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a iew ilannel ba s with eucalypms anil atterwards put into them some

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fants. During the siege of Paris also while the general mor

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Dr. Brusa Fevro of Turin has made similar experiments with

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early childhood is the chief and that the untimely death of

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operation were carried out under antiseptic measures sub

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The Secretaries of the various Branches and Districts were

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connection with the Chairs of Microbiology and Experimental

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uterus after labour. Mr. Deiohton showed a specimen of

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striking and if we take age periods and estim ite the mortality

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over rated but that it is a formidable undertaking will be

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