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is the health of the Queen. The toast was duly drunk. I
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Pleasant medicines have advantages which are duly appre
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We have also caiTied out an extended experiment with Iso. 1
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public first became acquainted thiough their adoption by
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acid was insuUirtted as a dressing afterwards the attic and
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in part only the inference is that consecutive changes due to
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was held on November 7th wnen an opening address was
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able as narcotics. He at ed to say the best shop tor narcotics
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recommendation if it meant the vaccination or inoculation
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As members of a profession whose work is done iu public
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Journal of November loth page 10S4 under the above heading
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present in addition to all the physicians and surgeons con
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tion from a medical practitioner cannot fail in many cases to
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In the Otological Section of this Association last year I had
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Recently also I have had another opportunity of examining
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through t e nose and the nasal discharge reduced a good
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prostato membranous urethra had been torn nearly across
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In other instances there were no premonitory symptoms
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so much stress although their own types appear to possess
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the source of vital energy. He begins with the com
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Chamberland filter under similar conditions. These filters
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Samaritan Free foe Women and Children. Hours of Attendance.
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Mn. Skccombb s rather interesting collection of essays on
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female frame. Nor can one overlook the chances of injury
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readers have noticeil cases of fracture of the alveolar process of the
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brought before us strong reasons for regarding fever as a de

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