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Mu. Strah is a man of many parts. Among others he is a

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of the intestine would atlord. The following operatioh was

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further publication we feel bound for the sake of avoiding

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in old persons he had ascribed it to chronic constipation.

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the blood aloni with the other products of digestion bul

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should be protected by an antiseptic dressing. Over

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were divided just below their exit at the foramen ovale and

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arising from the consumption of impure water although it

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than clothing and bedding which unlike books have so

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Umbilicns and Bladder of an infant with a congenital fa cal

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of the fact that the pUi n was treated thoroughly a e v

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methods practised during the last three centuries for

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feeble minded children who cannot possibly be educated in

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discharge is got rid of through the anterior nares and the air

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In ordinary circumstances one would not have expected such

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sequela as not only a matter of course but a necessity.

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HOSPITAL FOK SICK CHILDREM Great Ormond Street Eloomsbury.

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of small pox in Dublin. The Hardwicke and Curk Street

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wp the gap which exists between the actual cost of medical

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demands for payment for their services and for not treating

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IHE Office not Lateb than Midday Post on Wednesday. Ielb

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the present time giving similar ambulance lectures gra

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will the matter rest here for although a hospital committee

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new franchise and by a new method. The electors will

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lOr the Diploma of Fellow in Anatomy and Physiology at a meeting ol

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cluster of black particles in a corpuscle focus carefully scruti

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strength in which the vapour may be safely inhaled and that

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Speaking of his fourth degree of narcotism ip. 4 2 in which

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Mr. Edge showed a Large Cystic Kidney which he had re

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on so to speak since the outbreak in June last. Last week

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time is required the ability to swallow almost perfectly is

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lings. Sanitary Improvements in Paris. The Protection of

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the past twelve mouths and especially during the present

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is a diflerence of opinion whether the depressive action

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Dr. Gloveb said he was ra.her disappointed at the defence

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to my knowledge that a paper writen by me. and published in the

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course the left kidney was healthy. The liver showed no

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The Therapcutische Woc iemchri t is the name of a new

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grade and variety. Nay rather if eveiy movement from

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munity can be artificially produced but we must not expect

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midst of this area free from cholera and whole districts and

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doctors both military and civilian were well trained for

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intestines the black bile was sent to the spleen and thence

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these ulcers I endeavoured to ensure against possible con

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cyanosis of the face due to changes in the h emoglobin may

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had been incompletely returned or that tliere was strangula

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this in January 1893 he consulted Dr. Stoker who has been

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over with the sister she said that in her experience and

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shown that the large bacillus wts found in the woist

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and a resolution was passed that no student attending his

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m.anifest signs of catarrhal or inflammatory changes in the

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at 5 p.M bn the Diagnosis of Diphtheria and its Treatment by

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With regard to the incidents of the Manchester meeting

- The SurveyBlock team