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severally belong all being duly named and labelled.
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beginning adults experience the same difficulty in swallow
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for the work he has done in advancing the interests of the
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the umbilicus. The blood contained a large excess of leuco
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ment on July 10th l.S JL complaining of amenorrhcea
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It is because the profession do look upon the poor as
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appointed after January Ist 1895 and the constitution of a
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Fever Hospital at Monsall doubly qualified not less than 2.5 years of
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proposes soon to open asylums for the numerous idiots and
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criminal lunutics in order to qualify lor release are required to
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only be confirmed and the stone with difficulty n raoved by
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two important chr.uges. First the distance between the doc
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show that this inadequate procedure constituted a very
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delivery are then passed in review and in cases of metror
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have an intermediate station in the posterior extremity of
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cases to be due to the intense saltness of the water. Larat
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entered the service as. gsistant Surgeon June. gt Sth 1854
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The answer will be found in an investigation of the general
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treated in each hospital especiall paying patients from
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muscle into the right heart and from the right heart through
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and the sanguineuus nature of its conteuts have already been
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ing and draining the mastoid antrum is a much more serious
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child presented the wan and old mannish appearance so
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left of the sternum continuous below with the cardiac dulness. There is
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man 21 years of age whose left ear had discharged for eight
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Smithfield. London a letter with regard to this special fonn
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will swell and violent epigastric pulsation ensue telling of
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tenance in the house. Applications to the Chairman by Novem
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dritrict The coroner s statement to the magistrate as
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June 27th an attempt was made at Plymouth to remove the
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Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals on Saturday last December sth. against
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rule extremely difficult to accomplish especially in children.
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the infant mortality was low the iron industry carried on in
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With regard to the remedy being secret he Mr. Acland
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for supposing that tlie protection granted could be sustained.
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lias been formed among medical practitioners in the nortli
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tomed as they have been to the professional assistance of
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an inch thick and appears to consist of some form of de
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a small area just external to the entrance of the posterior
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that gentleman to remain with him as his unqualified
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the subject had run high since Hanseraann s address and
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the jaw were much swollen Antitoxin mxv was injected
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them however are not large and some of them hardly at all
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the last part to be unravelled. The end of the c ecum was
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for a longer period than twenty four hours. When the circu
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portions of the fingers on both hands and extending to the
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becomes suddenly worse. This will frequently be found to
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worse. There was some recession of the lower part of the
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tained between 62 and G5 and he lived partly at his house
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patient on release from the pad ied room is placed in a single
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Much as one might imagine that carefully planned g gt m
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East Anolian Branch. A special meetine of this Branch will be held
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midday the breathing became suddenly much embarrassed
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workhouse having obtained admission thereto in one of the ways
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bacteriological chemists have no light task before tliem to
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Sommon cook using an ordinary range finds it handy to keep the
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remains to be seen how far it will be exercised. Convoca
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English medical men practising in Rome that they never
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cytes. They were estimated at 1 000 000 in the cubic milli

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