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naa been a tiomwopathic practitioner since the year 1856
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has been selected after careful tests as being the most
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Certain it is as we have said on previous occasions that
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been tried in Belgium so far is 34 12 in the Stuyvenberg
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At the recent Sanitary Conference at Aylesbury Dr. George
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which the title of surgeon is applied to anyone who
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qualified persons among the pilgrims to jeport each year
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tive titles by some authors they are all unless we exclude
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great obligation to the medical press for the accurate reports
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in college as specialists simply that they should study with
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Cambridge. For many years he had been on the staff of the
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elected bodies there is but small security that they will be
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essay on Benign Tumours of the Small Intestines at the
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well as adapted for feeding infants and invalids. It is
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knew him that we have to record the death of Dr. Withers
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lieves the immediate pain but saves the deeper structures of
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fore I must uow thank you most cordially for the letter and the
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students. It is valuable not only on account of the lucid
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fore disposed he says for the present at least and until
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the same neighbourhood although it is distinctly stated that
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He certainly has but to remember the cardinal points of
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was accompanied by a fall in the p rise rate and the pulse
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being taken where necessary. We sliould recommend accord
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those complications when they arose. The I rbsident Dr.
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and thus compare unfavourably with the spongy iron used as
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that the patients w re allon cd in these courts at certain
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not be left entirely without assistance and everyone who
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viously examined and found to be healthy. He took the
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seemed to us to be extravagant as duplicating all the service
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is relegated may be tempted to neglect filtering the water t amp
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In pursuance of an annual custom we propose to notice in
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has been the seat of extension of disease. In the Ophthahnf
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Club The Honorai y Secretary of the London Dr. C. Coombs Castle
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travenous injection in the course of an hour or more.
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an oral reply. Seeing that Dr. DuHey could not be heard
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gomery County Pa is the oldest practitioner in the United
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Dr. Kei.ynack showed specimt ns from a case of Donb e
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Hospital Jicjjorts will contain a portrait of Dr. Sturges. Sub
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heard in the opposite ear hence the necessity of checking this
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medical curriculum would be guilty of a crime. The words
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has proved himself a medical Newton. The old touchstones

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