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whole criticism is that previously only the most severe
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drawing to a close we subjected it to our preliminary test
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British Medical JOURNAL of July 2lst page 162 and September 22nd.
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profession should hesitate to render their best services to
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It was not expected that intubation alone would accom
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the central hemisphere involved. In this case however
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cided improvement for some time but relapse. Necrosed
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or excitement. The position of the child should be as though
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according to eaeli case. As a rule not more than four or five
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formity mainly depends on a persistent over extended and
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interesting investigations into the distribution of this para
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pleurisy there was no indication of actinomycosis. The
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Jalland suffering from ophthalmia. Other cases were at this
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made good by Acts of Parliament or professional orations
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taining a suspension of typhoid bacilli obtained in the usual
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gone the tonsils and soft pal.ate were absolutely clear of
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straint and an air of quiet domesticity prevails. Yet to thf
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patient presents when he first calls on the physician. Aa
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body by injury or disease. In the case of recent incisions or
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lent discharge from the nose is complicated with frontal liead
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blcod and tissues of protective substances which when mixed
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the Royal College of Physicians of Loudon was not by itself
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cautions as to catheterisation and care only to partially
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a dose of.30 minims taken three times a day and the hyper
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what was to all intents and purposes a judicial report.
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the purulent tUhi is in these spaces. I have rarely found it
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WTiat holds good for hjemoglobinuric fever holds good for
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This is indeed a cunning device whereby to evade the
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is not to be lurnisbed either on payment or gratuitously
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sigmoid flexure a localized action may be obtained at that
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for appointment to the new staff shoald clearly state not only
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rooms and the wards are in a condition which is positively
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principle of such superannuation has been recognised by many boards
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was a small serous cyst 3 mm. in diameter. The condition
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condition. Another important question was where the
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awarded by the Acadi mie de Mt decine to the author of the
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prescribing and compounding medicines for them within one hundred
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the advantage over many of tl i others winch we have in
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many details will have to be settled and it will Ix desirable
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additional illustrations by Charles May. London Chatto and
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Professor Gairdner Mr. Jessop Dr. William Kussell Edin

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