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better than curative but both combined in some cases

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age. Before treatment his bearing distance in the right ear

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The New Phanntcy Law. The Suppression oj Local Fairs.

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the carbonic acid which is the harmless index Whitelegge of their

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tions of mucous membrane opposite the end of the tube and

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think they can use doctors as decoy ducks like this.

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duty to press this matter on the consideration of those in

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the mischief spreads other cells become involved from in

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rarely rarelier still the clergyman the physician almost as a rule he is

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was pointed out that the number of boys in the school to

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the Benares district with the view of guarding against pos

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proved books in connection with the laboratory exercises

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addition to daily special individual instruction from the

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Their interstices were full of dust and I should say impossible

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the removal of every cause. Then a few cases of active sup

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to shivering from slight ehaliges of tetnperaiure or even apart t oTn

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the parts around have their minute motion relatively in

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seeds are sold in.all Kistern bazaars but I don t know whether they

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purpuric rash was present in only one case and then only a

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the autliority of the body granting it included all the sub

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mentary Bills Committee for the purpose of laying before him

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The further report which Mr. Wynter Blyth has issued con

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Fellow of the Edinliurgh Obstetrical Society and an llonoraiy

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day but the weaicness increased steadily and the gastro intestinal con

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Among the vegetable alkaloids we may instance atropine

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De..Tames Murphv Sunderland writes Will you allow me to make a

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istricted to a few great books which opportunity the rest of

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stenosis is such a peculiarly slow process that the patient

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understand that during a considerable part of the year there is no night

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ency to fall victims to this disease as they did to tubercle

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Operative Treatment of Uterine Displacements. A discus

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take before their blood is rendered sufficiently antitoxic.

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once make arrangements for the burial. In reply to the

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It appears that in these districts human beings are subject

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not excited by the excitations of an induction coil but on the

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of Surgeon Major Haig Indian Medical Service further

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both in cutting short the disease and in avoiding dangerous

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taining the evidence with a very complete analysis and a

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of serving on boards of guardians may secure for the sick and

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has been over and over again poih.ed out this be enforced

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referred to in the BErrisH Medical Jocekai of October 27th as having

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who formerly lived largely on half cookcd oatmeal. Dr.

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ments on recent events and he keeps up the habit of talking

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Tub reconstruction of this charity has advanced a stage.

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