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absence of examination in operative surgery and of special
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Our experiments were carried out on two of these filters
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perance as affecting the Military and Civil Population. There
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argument as applied to phthisis is erroneous. The additional
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dier to imminent danger to life from septic compli
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our opinion unfavourably if it is loud and continuous does
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they are better send them back to the ward into which
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isms time to develop undisturbed and also probably aids in
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more cyanosed. Several injections of strychnine and digi
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afresh when the circulation became restored. It was there
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fering from diphtheria admitted iuto the hospital during
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Dr. Gaeeod showed a girl aged 10 a cretin who had con
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gives an excellent critical digest of Smellie s treatise and of
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East Dereham the last home and burying place of the poet
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years after he came for treatment and the others present the
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tion on the average 2 grains of lead per gallon. The boiler
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breathing. The tonsils and uvula were swollen and red
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contagion is proportionate to the amount and character of the
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We could not be surprised therefore that a large section of
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Professor Edgren gives a review of 53 cases and divides
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property and what is of more consequence serious injury to
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heading blarlccts. and underclothing until no fleas are to be louna. it
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such laboratories is not open to the charge of endowing
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associated with the escape of what appeared to be sulphur
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a sufficiently short time that the injection of antitoxin con
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Costelloe guilty of infamous conduct in a professional respect
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himseif saw. Of the.39 others he had sufficiently accu
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drainage had probably achieved most of the good that had
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town figures unprecedented. The fever ratio loi for town and Ih.h for
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teenth century. The state of knowledge on these subjects at
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injury it may be stated that thereis no difSculty in accomplishing
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nutritive value is small as compared with that of meat and
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powers in this direction and to use them with no unsparing
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completely closed t le alveolar opening and the whole appa
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When contemplating the induction of labour or abortion
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the special point which Dr. Gairdner had dealt with.
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brain these had become stationary and they have persisted
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supply the serum in throe months. Although a considerable
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beiore he could give a final opinion of its therapeutic value.
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certainly as yet no patients had succumbed to these
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was due solely or even chiefly to the employment of women
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will be likely to present themselves at Cork in the teeth of
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have an offensive odour. As to the filter it was nasty in the
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with travelling allowances. Hitherto the secretarial work
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generally I have on several occasions used the now familiar nail cutter
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the past live years. He did not think that they really arose
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feeding skilled rubbing and medical supervision will be easily com
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follows I shall always feel deeply grateful to Larine

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