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nating reader. The Gentleman s Annual for Christmas. 1894

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the presence in the stools of mucus glairy and cylindrical

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actions. Around tlie couch of the patient the medical man

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a sponge It was of dirty brownish white colour depositing a grey

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from its surroundings by means of the finger and closed

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rose again to 17.1 last week. The rates in the several towns ranged

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intervened between the patient s first and second visits.

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another medical man visited a supposed luuatic with a view to certifi

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to the large number of districts to which medical coroners had

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Hong Kong. Though necessarily huniedly wi itten it con

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in this condition from the hysterical form that in the

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quately paid any more than a workman however all who

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Smellie which forms the frontispiece is excellently repro

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advantage of any other patient who subsequently came undei

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in aid of the funds of the City of London Hospital for Diseases

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curette. Suture of the kidney wound by three deep and

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will be remedied it is hoped by the committees of manage

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Hospitals accommodate about 100 and arrangements are

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communicated with the mouth. The sinus treated with

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how far these claims c onform with the facts elicited by direct

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able to take as a subject a patient who has been under his

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of this patient s larynx and there is scarcely any doubt that

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supplied by him and used by Drs. Washbourn and Goodall

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only saved from destruction by the rope fortunately catching in

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unless it be held that his face was more vulnerable after

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with loss of consciousness rapidly develop ending in lateral

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early removal he thought the tumour should be exposed and

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the thi k nutritive blood was by mixture of air brought from

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large goblet of Victorian gold valued at V2n guineas.

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adopted the present rules. These have been submitted by

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the existence of phthisis in family histories for errors easily

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A Surgeon Major under orders for India this season about February

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lated. Subsequently 10 fresh eases of cholera apppeared

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of modifying by appropriate thermal and mechanical stimuli

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meat and potatoes. The cooking is done by an inmate.

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surgerv but in considering these the lecturer insisted that it

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mine the indications for bringing pregnancy to an end the

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of the zcilyeist in this respect is afTorded by the action taken

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stricture is composed largely of cicatricial tissue and requires

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from the use of the cautery knife. He did not hesitate to

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pression and general impairment of health also by more or

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distinguishes two forms of acute ataxia the one which I

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antitoxin. Dr. Washbouin s cases had been treated by

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of the cases in which it was necessary to terminate gestation

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information is api to be wanted in a hurry. The volume is

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