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i Di Glover Is there any committee to the hospital Not

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of each other to stop hemorrhage in a case of gunshot wound

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enclosed. This oould not have been so satisfactorily accom

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peril whilst it often allows true heroism to be its own

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with a proper pass are to be allowed to go though the closed

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collapse of the tumour. The palpebral slit was reopened and

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IjuihUngs for treatment which consisted principally of

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in play and to be brought up without entering the work

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less a number of candles are used to form what is techni

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manifested itself in 82 per cent of those bitten unless the

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We regret to announce the death of Dr. William Walker

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has followed an attack of measles scarlet fever influenza

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their pathogenic properties were described and mention was

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too different to allow them to take Withington as an

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stance analogous to that contained in certain sebaceous

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Surgeon Licutenant Colonel Kenneth Mcl.eod formerly Professor of

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present in e. tvs3 in tlie blood and urine general 4eptesBion

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that there were no acute cases but the principle is none the

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any longer. But this massacre of innocent babes well after

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during the day time in order that the patient may speak. In

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water and periodically eveiy week sterilise their blocks in

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Wingrave had just described. He was at a loss to explain

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Years Sj o when I was encaged in giving the elements of

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the subject of the registration ot students and practitioners.

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this subject When the tute has been worn for a consider

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hospital after the meeting. AH members of the Soutli Easteru Branch

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important contributions to malarial patholo jy. The dis

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successfully at the subject will be astonished that you failed

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holding out bright prospects of relief in any case of chronic

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rapidity of action. Mr. Theobald had himself complained

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changes in the enamel organ. It was difficult to say

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Hospital on Saturday last November 3rd against 03 60 and In at

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lowed without difliculty. Tne temperature was 99 the

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the nasal fossa had raised the periosteum of the orbit and

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admitted into the General Hospital owing to pain in the left

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only can perform. It would be unworthy of the devotion

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and the deputation of medical practitioners who presented it

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has arisen through the decision recently given in tlie case of Regina i.

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tative institution we cannot but see the numerous objec

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