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In the right hemisphere there was a somewhat similar defect
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HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN Great Ormond Street Bloomsbury
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cases. In many of them the Klebs LoelHer bacillus was pre
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are earning from 100 to 400 per year from their own exertions. We
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certain percentage being paid for this. I declined witli thanks. As
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breadth of the Indian Empire. Surely the annual death of
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jn the sport at school. What is wanted is some constant
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Lectires for XiTBSES. a second course of lectures on
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baby a week old. The ward is small and we should say that
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bathing. Excretion through the skin. The temperature of
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In spite of this he went about his work bravely and cheer
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life. Will you permit me to warn Poor law medical officer
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Now are these men to be relegated to the position o
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preparations are those of the United States Pharmacopeia.
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the manganese nets better and lastx Imger than any other.
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about six weeks from the appearance of the first rash. The interval
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to be held in June next. It is proposed to proceed in the
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maximum rise was often beneficial. The most important
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Tubingen with 1 210 and Heidelberg with 1 206. Of the
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iiient was continuous and he left the infirmary perfectlv well ou Novem
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abolition of one secret ai7 to the Principal Medical officer is noted. There
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These tubes are of various sizes seven in number. Since
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To the great ire of the antivaccinators Mr. Wynter BIyth
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of them incision and packing had failed. The average stay in
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between the two hands oqe being placed behind. There was little if
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showed some of the stroi geso qualities of the man. That
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tolerably heavy all over ihe country and we have been play
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it was true did seem so the statement by Roux that in his
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influence of the pressure on the number of micro organisms
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to the development of granulation tissue which partially
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most cases after the use of antitoxin the faucial membrane
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homes where eauh child may get individual attention Dy
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nothing the matter with him. She was treated with lotio
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peripheral to it. Generally speaking a certain antagonism
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of the mastoid antrum would not in any way bo complicated
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Mr. Ebnkst Hart remarked that he had other gentlemen
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dren. These reports contained much valuable information
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Iwanty fifth day from the initial rigor. She has still no expectoration
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truce to say that those medical men who make the sacrifice
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the Council will be most willing to receive any communication or sug
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dayes together but I tooke it but twice. I endeavoured to
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nephew of Lord Chief Justice Denman. His aunt Agnes
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ceding three weeks the numbers had been 10 11 and 14
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sulphur the material was gradually acted upon and the sul
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cealment of cases thus prevented but the ignorance of persons
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with the fermentation test. A paper on the Initial Eashes of
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July published a proposal made known his willingness to
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circumstances the sanitary statT is numerically weak al
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Mr.. i juiTH W ell I suppose that is caused by improper
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held on November oth. The first of these tables showed that
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infant mortality due to the employment of married women in
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Your correspondent says that all the adulteration in the
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gathered so far as the post mortem appearances relative to tlie
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supplies of antitoxin as may be necessary. A subscription
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of breathing followed by nausea and vomiting have likewise
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The President announced that the Council had found Dr.
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reservoirs to hold the filtered water are necessary in order
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which they gave the outline of a condition of general im
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storm water when this comes in great excess and it pro
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is to utilise these and similar physiological data in the task

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