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interpretation of the pathology of one form of turbinal dis

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Dr. Glynn said that lie thought it was very remarkable

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Mb. Geobgb LaviSon read this paper. In 4 of the cases

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Mn. Skccombb s rather interesting collection of essays on

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will be observed that the certificate rests on no other

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to pathology is often insidious or sudden. Judicious action

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early stages of the catarrh but in any case he believes he

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Resolution passed in the Public Healtli Section at the

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otomies of whom 21 died and 10 recovered. Of the cases

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of 203 in Scotland during the first period the number regis

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be the first administrative officer to benefit by the amended

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the Apothecaries Hall. The visitors had been received with

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The case see ms to I ave progiessed in a chronic manner and

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He employed no nasal speculum during this manipulation

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side by side on a plate the ovary which was painful could be

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least the greater part of the p ithogenic organisms which it

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the skull was found. It started as a fine fissure from the

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tion to Her Majesty the t ueen for a supplementary charter

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The Minister of Agriculture Public Works and Labour has

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countiy in Europe which would be so well protected as our

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apparatus. Again benefit but relapse In April 1893. the

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anlhor oitbeSnnn. in. or the Drwighes Shop Opened liTed about

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expressly stated that the mother was healthy and that stie

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accouchement of a woman suffering from primary syphilis.

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Dr. Gloveh as one of the direct representatives of tlie

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grafted on an existing one will divert the forces that sustained

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can be educated and trained. White medicaLsuperintendent

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operation was performed by.Mr. Cotterill the patient was oil

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a thing that he understood a thing when he did not.

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authentic serum is a more dillicult matter as. according to

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practice indicated that it was not without its virtues. The

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Field to say that the acute origin was unfavourable. A

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thoroughly reliable tnen should be elected to the Colonial

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Institute Paris was used in eight out of these ten cases.

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the removal of Mr. s name from the Midioal Rpijifter

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quinine lotion and applications of solutions of nitrate of

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which tulies embodied every vice which the inventor has

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vestige would be furnished with squamous celled epithelium

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in proportion as the urine became more abundant. The

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