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threats of strikes of boycotting and of riots they have in

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the annual reports of the medical officers of health of Preston

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He quoted the frequency of tuberculosis some years back

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show that Mr. Theobald had anything bevond the ordinary

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other kinds of odontome do you know or have heard of. such as

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sort of open sesame ceremonial must be gone tlirougli in

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gangrenous rectitis and gninea worm in Brazil are of much

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All the doctors students and attendants were in holland

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charged cured twelve days from the date of operation. He

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taste size etc. and the patients would soon discover which

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tion and that tlie duties of suppressing the ravages and of

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sion a fine collection of portraits of the Hunter family

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since. Myrdigestion. which had been getting steadily worse

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degeneration of the muscles and inflammation and degenera

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had testified how venereal disease could be propagated by

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being contrary to a resolution of the Council which declared

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recommendations contained therein carried into effect.

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them as of the statutory powers of health authorities in other respects

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refuted the first two of these fallacies and will content my

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statements made in Ihe article published in the Bbitish

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epithelial cells the bacteria were chiefly found on and near

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and after a ci ucial incision over the cinine fossa and reflec

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ing medical care are and have for years been waiting for

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Many acute cases prove fatal while others on account of

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and figure of the great pianist will not be surprised to learn

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by the manufacturers of these filters consistsiof a specially

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such combustion Is an Invarlalde accompaniment of the

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must not now enter. Probably the disgasi differs essen

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with a symmetrical swelling on each clavicle at the junc

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career. The contents are varied and attractive. Among

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lilaria is enclosed in a sheath the former to escape the

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Simises. A police constable attended the out patient depart

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proceeded with and the first matriculation examination is

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opening through anterior wall only demand a drainage ap

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Nonni though speaking ciutiouaiy appears inclined to

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staff have no right to undertake gratuitously the charge.of other jnedi

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removed by abdominal section Martin s method one uterus

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inflated when the laboured breathing begins to produce

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paralysed. No scars visible. The epiglottis was twisted out

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establishing a nursing home in London and in the education

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him for his services during the past ten years. Dr. Mac

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amended be submitted to Mr. I Iuir Mackenzie for approval

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injection. If after the first bleeding of tlie horse it be again

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despondent as many of these sufferers must be the burden

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terior ethmoidal tells of which he had seen a few cases the

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ptoms one was not justified in saying that the cardiac valves

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fort and appliance necessary to their complete restoration

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The ease Case i by which the infection was introduced into

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Dr. AF. FoESELLES advocatcs in all cases preliminary trephin

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longations. The severed tendon showed no sign of activity.

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The anterior part of the middle turbinated was removed

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at a time. Since tlien the tumour of the hard palate had

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times during the day. We should like to see seats placed

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I ecture 44. School age. The kindergarten and its meth

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pojjular remedy in.Japan where it is called the Ambuk.

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the incision in the kidney failed. Therefore the pelvis was

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looked ill. The temperature was 1U2.2 the respirations

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any approval of or sympathy with the opinions and senti

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Pathology. Among the other projected additions to the

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against tlie use of such remedies as antipyrin lie would like

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higher in the right axilla than in the left and this continued

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sistent form of purulent disease of the ear it may prove a

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Influence of AVeather and Season on Disease. It will be

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about there was no legal or police punishment for the

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us in looking upon the water as in this way rendered safe

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French jovernment on the recommendation of M. Freyeinet

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of giving antipyretics for ordinary cases of pyrexia is per

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Heating with open fire stove hot air steam and hot water.

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and Waltki H. S. Stalkartt Surgeons to be lent for three months

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with the result that a papilloma the size of a pea was coughed

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a noise influence the prognosis in such cases There is no

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The temperature rose during the night to 103 the pulse

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the shape of a fifth and I believe wliolly unnecessary

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the left index finger while withdrawing the obturator and

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March 3. The patient just passed a very bad night has

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lost one. I have even heard of medical men using a printed

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lied upon and it is extremely important that no material

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A PROPOSAL is on foot for raising a memorial to the

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in the organ might be due to the presence of this vasealar

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any facts upon which police proceedings could have been

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these exceptional occurrences is further demonstrated by

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may feel assured that the influence of Sir AValter Foster the

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