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definitely tuberculous or may soon become so. But if the test results

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for itself a definite channel at one part of one of

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of mercury are in vogue in all cases in Edinburgh some

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better to use a clean agar which preferably has been washed

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part described as a diverticulum it was a small pouch measuring cm.

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is in large measure due to the efficient assistance of Miss Charlton the

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attack of apoplexy. Habits temperate. Had gonorrhoea and chan

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blood by the kidneys as constituents of urine. Hence some

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Students attend all departmental teaching rounds and conferences as well as some

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possible difference of the two forms of the disease could be established

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presentation. B gt drawing down the feet the most favorable position

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taken and the matter is left to the licensing body which has

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passionate statements of some of the French writers blames his

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There was slight fever on admission F. which lasted days.

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Sected to possess a competent nglish and classical education. Dissection was optional.

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which was quickly followed by an attack of rheumatic tonsillitis.

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them. The fatal case occurred at Clinton. The convulsions came

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Dr. Adams of the same committee in making a report un

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tion but in whom conditions were present which absolutely excluded the

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source of disease in this region. Of course if it be de

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The contents of the alveolus are made up of a pecul

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centre is to be tested for a special purpose. In order I pcndecL

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perfect health. One girl three years old was at that date uite well.

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much longer now that medical insj gt ection is established by

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Through one of the punctures in the cyst wall a dark

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become white. Ph gt sicians declare that there is no know n

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represented a local condition. In other places pneu

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ing read the publication of De Kruif it is perfectly natural

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in accordance with the particular insurance contract.

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only son of the late P. Jellard Esq. of Kingsbridge Devon to Mary

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good doctor. The pavilion idea advocated by Dr. Miner

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size the central part is transformed into that black or greyish

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