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India is only a fraction of the tropical world and that there
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benefited by the use of artificial palates. A discussion fol
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Professor Kaltenbach the mortality was only between 3 and 4
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Council had come to the conclusion that he had not com
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Apart from the curative action two other effects were
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stituents of the body and since physiology teaches us that
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Intercurrent Diseases and Insanity. Dr. Campbell The
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from a financial point of view. This of course is far from exhausting
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merely an evidence of the prevalence of the disorder the
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intra corpuscular body. In some slides you may find one or
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sight suppose. Theimportanceof sterilising the milk that is to
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ninth intercostal space and a drainage tube inserted. In a
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vinced on every Bo rd the improvement of the workhouses
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of measles and scarlet fever though large forming as they
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Stone in the kidney is far from being a rare affec
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of diphtheria antitoxin under the superintendence of the
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the press of any reports to the Council which have not been discussed
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the spinal cord in a man aged liJ who suffered from syphilis
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medical man signed by two magistrates to make the deten
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fact that they acted upon their personal predilections.
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