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Tobago states that the outrages done to l Ir. Anderson

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gards science increasing the number of candidates in the

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The abolition of the whole system asked for by the deputa

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almost be called the key to the modus operandi of hydro

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observations of the judge. He is reported to have said lifV lt

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May 16th over five months from the sudden onset of pneumonia in

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of London reduce the danger of infection very materially

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holding its annual or monthly meetings for the discussion of

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ing care always not to injure the testicle. The fluid

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tends through four years with a term of study each year of

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recognition of the pathologic significance of the de

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suggests the propriety of thinking twice before speaking too

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the common duct arising from malignant disease in the

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acting as the sanitary authority of the distrietfor notifications or other

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could not very well he wrapped round an artery and so could

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at his office in tlie Clarendon Building on Saturday morning November

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troubles. In December 189 2 Kirl y gave a certificate certi

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tendent that the temperature of every patient was taken and

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not be inserted in the weekly reports published in the public news

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Lecture 6L The duties of the municipal health authori

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to add to his statement facts ciuceruing the prisoner which

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In view of our decision to suspend for the present any

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the speakers indulged in some criticisms upon the treatment of the

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The treatment which was commenced on December Mh consisted of

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disinfection is merely a process of sprinkling with a powder

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six months his urine was examined at least once a week. It

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Bouisson Bertrand legacy amounting in all to some 40 000

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immediately afterwards. We ask the Home Office and the

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should be administered rather than to fail in thoroughly dis

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of Zola as the surest emetic known to him other works of

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fee sufficiently remunerative for the responsibility incurred

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in order to bring it up to the level of the examination in

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provided his town with three skilled midwives but tlie

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Bo runs the preface and here are sufliciently indicated the

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given time so that the figures given in the accompanying

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tion reducing the pulse rate and in improving the general

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ment of a General University Court of the four Scotti. h

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the TBEsmKNT informed them of the foregoing resolations.

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overcome are that the patient from lack of self control or

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The statements made on behalf of this filter we shall have

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thropist in the truest sense. They were established for the

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sun oundings the aflection was very common. Nasal post

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him and freely incised the carbuucl. and for a week all went

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Some of the speeches bore witness to the undoubted fact that

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out that where there is much submucous tissue great infil

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and Straus to whieh he might have added those of other ex

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first spraying the larynx with cocaine then mopping and

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remain for indcBuite periods undisturbed causing trouble fi

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Mr. Beudbnell Caeter with regard to the obBervation

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Dr. 0. CnEWHTON considered that the tissue was mammary

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Dr. SiNCLAin thonglit I gt r. CuUingworth s proposal to re

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Of course the results have to be checked by means of the

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thrombosed sinus had been exposed and laid open 17 had a

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presently two cases in which the pus escaped through the

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hurst Decembei 6th 1887 one very large mucous polypus from

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as he had found the results of inhalations and sprays on such

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structure altered and patched from time to time is an indica

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to indigestion and deficient assimilation. Especially is this

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as analogous to the crcsccntic bodies and on the same

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asking the members to bring under the notice of their pro

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affords a certain protection against the dangers that lurk in

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The lecturer then dealt with Syrae s eontrihutions to the

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Messrs. Burroughs and Wellcome request us to state that they ex

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some of the aborigines liaving been refused admission at one

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that region read at the opening meeting of the Royal Geo

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glasses were likely to prove unsatisfactory and which is not

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were not present. He noticed moreover that these other

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cation properly conducted the man who elects to practise

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