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lishment is permitted to retire from the service from January 17th 1895.
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Haig considers that many cases of colic enteralgia enter
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off in every ease before the visual examination had been
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what may be done in these rate sui ported hospitals under
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has now been dead many years. The symptoms he then pre
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be held at Bletchley on Thursday Oeceraber 6th. to take into considera
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annum minimum yearly fee 15s. if member s income is
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ellorts but should exert their utmost influence to ecsuie that all steps
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Sm 1 do not question Professor Peraberthy s statement
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branes was now partially stitched up with eight catgut
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again condemned in these columns. It has been pointed out that
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was sometimes followed by no improvement and even a
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and that the candidate was fortunate if he came before
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henceforth be those who are most nearly concerned in tlie
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author in a practical book like the present to have brought
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visiting the house that halt that number of inmates seek
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any drug. Good work has been done in this direction with
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obviously a parody untrue in fact and malicious in sugges
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liamson s investigations of the pancreas in 14 cases of diabetes
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ample clinical observation the study of a suitable book and
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in good health. With such facts it is very improbable that
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Eight years ago I communicated to the Bath and Bristol
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such patients even if Rinne is positive. With a series of
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Bernard ol transient motor and sensory aphasia and perma
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and that they were reluctant to relieve them of that respon
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from the weekly wage means a corresponding withdrawal
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cocoa butter and boric acid the cone tends to assist in tlie
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condition of resistance against a fresh infection amounts to
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ihlter possesses these qualities and is a perfect guarantee
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an allied group of spinal cases. Jiere there is found po t

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