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is of considerable strength and the dose which should be

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change should be made at once in the nursing staff and the committee

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reinir s no tramed assistants or trained attendants it is

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appears from results of inquiries by Mr. Braxt m Hicks at

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in India has now taken definite shape and Mr. Ernest Hart

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in others something would depend upon the terms of appointment.

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cesophagus. There were two points of constriction one at the

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to cut away the cord close to its placental insertion and to

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is purely mineral and can be easily and cheaply renewed when

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matters 1 The appeals to the Privy Council from decisions

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covered and has entered on his duties as Physician in

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These documents are we venture to say sufliciently curious

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in the task of making a new selection. They could not

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It is extremely fortunate that the bacteriological investiga

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lowering of the general nervous aad constitutional tone

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ever in its cosmetic so much as in its hygienic aspects that

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geon Captain A. E. Gbant read observations on a case of

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moved and a radical cure is speedily eflected. I have pur

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needs no preparation. Ordinarily eight to ten minutes are

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pathogenic properties or to keep it in existence as a species.

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could satisfy himself that a man did know something all

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hospital ships at Long Keach and by the end of June the

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who seems to be both kindly and efficient it is true also

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nearly all diphtheria cases were treated with the serum.

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Of the penal cases brought before the Council we prefer

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comfortably stridor was much less and the lips and cheeks

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this Society was held at 429 Strand on December 13th.

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for a time before resorting to the more radical operation.

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tures and three review examinations. Although we have

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treatment of diphtheria at the Examination Hall Victoria

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Allen being present he witness was sent for. He always

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the mucous membrane at any one point from long continued

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committee of management. Tn otliers again and tlicse are in our

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the capability of all the tissues except perhaps the bones

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the present system of certifying deaths and suggestions for

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where tXwj undergo their natural process of decomposition

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In thirty three of the largest English towns including London ..s 7

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imagine to all present that pus with polypi especially when

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election by the Council of the Association must send in their

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occupation of the circulatory organs of the muscles bones

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has been our pleasure ami our pride to record iu previous

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the law was that it presumed a professional man to have reasonaoie

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