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assistance of the Medical Defence Union but as will be

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Dr. Washbourn said that antitoxin did neutralise the

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tion in the nose together with granulation tissue or polypi in

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The Peesident said that as to aged person.9. he believed

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able. The respiration was of the type described above. He

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own cases the association of other organisms with the bacillus

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matory action it at once proves a soil rich in character

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will become a distinct addition to the medical oflBcer s duties.

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organisms which we are usually in the habit of taking into the

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trict of London to whicu alien immigrants especially resort

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to Out patients one Surgeon to Out patients a Pathologist and a

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performing the operation in each cnse a fortnight later.

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notice of the Local Government Board the claim of Poor law

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embarrassments and what are more important Heraclean cheerfulness

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BEKRinnE On December 2nd. at Enderby. Leicestershire the wile of

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whJch I met with in private practice and the third while

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the induced current proceeds by shocks of very short

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equal in quantity. The temperature subsided to the normal

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The old fishing town possesses a large house for the reception

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to declare the building open after a brief reference to the

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elect to be assessed for the following year by the ieueral or Special

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Hart and he gave them all the information he was then

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