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ca eum which had pointed in many places. In the case
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and Ear Hospital on Tuesday December Uh. Subsequent
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that had he thought equally good results with less disturb
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paralysis of accommodation and urine loaded with albumen.
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of the mucous membrane with partial ankylosis of the ary
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The best and safest mode of treatment through the nose
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Dr. Thomas Eastes Folkestone had used Aronson s anti
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Evidence witness of fact witness of opinion or expert
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discharge wa.s lessened in some very markedly and the
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that it compares favourably as a nutrient with a meat ex
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cessive fees and got himself into a lucrative practice to the
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the parts be kept quite dry the secretion being merely
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country beds too narrow for comfort crowded together
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tissues held in this ligature comprised a large number of
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of 1848 appointed Government Commissioner at Ville
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deep vessel a wash bowl saucepan or pot de ckamhre place
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I think it is a myxoma or myxofibroma which has t5een in a
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clonic spasms numbered 70 the first night then f 3o 4 34
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This is a volume which may confidently be recommended to
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lately Lord Provost of Edinburgh Dr..Tohn Eraser l eputy
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A. G. aged 28 years caretaker in good health but for a
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The most enthusiastic admirer of the Ages of Faith
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The following documents on which the chai ge was founded
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terms are 10 lOs. for the necessary tuition lasting generally for from
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in nose and transillumination test. This was done in Feb
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very angry with these competitors and in a note to an ex
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Note also another point of significance. There is but little
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The following sonnet by Oliver Wendell Holmes was pub
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would have rapidly succumbed to the disease undt r the old
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mains in the patient. I was lately called by a medical friend
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and fall of the private medical schools. Sir Samuel Garth
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micro orgamsms are undoubtedlv retained in the meshes of
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besides those of clinical interest. The cases in which the
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improvements in detail which will doubtless be considered
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for the upper ones as well Dench. For general purposes
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any the Association cnn best promote their interests. It is
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had seen somewhat diflfering results. The ige of the patient
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There are over 50 candidates for the Final.M E. Examination in
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which we meet namely that of pseudo membranous enteritis

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