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sesquichloride of iron hlorate of potash and hydrochloric
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able contribution to general knowledge in the record
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originally to embody the real idea of a cottage hospital and
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not unwise. It has been indeed thouglit by some as for
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but had been overlooked. The view was also formed that the
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is unsurpassed by any name in the Am gt rican profession we
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Surgeon Major R. Macrae in an interesting paper con
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made by the physicians during the course of the disease
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lectures are paid out of the rates and are technical there
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tonsil and the right side of the uvula were covered with
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metrical fibroid tumours one on each side another tumour
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only prescribe for disease but by representations and
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discharge. After an interval of nearly two years the patient
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glottis with every breath. After the normal lumen of the
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used in a series of cases appears to be the moot practicable
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practice employs an umjualified assistant ostensibly as dispenser.
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had slightly increased during the past year. The Council s
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obtained in the same months in 1894 when the antitoxin
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of them incision and packing had failed. The average stay in
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the Council and after a long and patient hearing the Council
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ment in the hearing after free inflation must be taken as a
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tions to the eflfect that certain documents issued by various
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generally reduced according to their knowledge and experience and
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columns for medical referees Not being satisfied however
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patients with their addresses posted in some convenient place where it
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Except when a stone is in the process of growth the
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those cases in which cataiThal and exudative changes
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tions that during the coming session there would be plenty
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Dutch University. The Government of Holland has granted
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applied by using rubber tubes the size of an ordinary
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suitable for drinking purposes the necessity for reporting on
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the medical sciences including pharmacy and on medico
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history of lifelong constipation and of one attack five yeirs
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sense a cottage hospital it was never heard of in connection
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trical enema in from seven to eight hours. If indicated at

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