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He employed no nasal speculum during this manipulation

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in the tympanic structures. If thoroughly effective inflation

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be made payable to the Anderson Appeal Fund Account.

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in the case of cholera the disease germ would remain capable

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to a temperature of 115 to 120 F. in the tepidarium the

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JonRNAL of December 1st on Clubs and Friendly Societies in

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afterwards Ordinator of the Obuchow Hospital St. Peters

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That attracted a good deal of attention and after a conference

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days. The concentration of the dose used for immunising

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Ambulance Association in Victoria and also assisted in

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favourable the third might be appealed to with perhaps

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deprives him of the fruits of his verdict and also with the

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has given 1 000. With the total amount the committee have

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A DISCUSSION of great importance occurred at the meeting

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antitoxin was used so late that there was no prospect of any

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