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corded at the Society by Mr. Treves and Mr. Silcock and
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being a trained nurse. The inevitable friction createa by having IWl.
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Vaillant introduced into the French Chamber of Deputies a
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of the kidneys is described as nephritis jnterstitialis cum
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ing conditions and nerve hygiene is to be considered as
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ism but the patient developed wristdrop just like the wrist
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defects. A practical rather than a literaiy man he obtained
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fluence exerted by the depth of the filtering medium on the
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the same objection and the speaker was inclined to make
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of appetite or diarrhcea. Not being able to account satis
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blished. Although the whitish patches remained for some
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of these causes destruction of the function and lasting loss.
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tomical teachers who have adorned the Barcelona School in
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other poisonous properties had the power oC causing fatty
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of the true Plague that of Hong Kong in the present year.
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relief led to the erection of these buildings all over the
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treatment in 5 cases 2 of which died of suppression of urine
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and functional activities. Tlius the outcome of a series of
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than employing the services of an idiot. Again we would
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theria a series of poisons probably were produced which
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Case v. J. V aged 38 the only one under my care had
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fcetor IS controlled. The method is easy of application and
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At a recent meeting of the Conseil Municipal M. Laudrin
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an old standing laryngitis rendered him particularly vulner
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to have ignored these muscle fibres entirely. Thus even so
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similar homes however for feeble minded boys and youths
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musical part in England than that between the Humber and
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band seeing the enormous consumption of this green stufl
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matory action it at once proves a soil rich in character
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day and again more copiously and satisfactorily by enema
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received the decoration of a Cominander of the same Order.
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may be but an imperfect abstract but it would not be dilU
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of pyrexia may give a false sense of security. We have seen
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Delivery to a Woman in Travel bringing away both Birtli and atter
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defibrinated bullock s blood. It is supplied in the form of
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the stercoraceous vomiting had existed for forty eight hours
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been definitely decided and still required further experi
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appended their names to any document granted to so called
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of the varied interests of the hospital whieh distinguished him during

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