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scurvy as it presents itself in surgical practice. The ground
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by what had alrendy been done. It may be urged on the
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front of the abdomen. The inner surface was extensively
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been no fit since the operation though his mental condition
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Menzies and Co.. Edinburgh and Glasgow and Hodges Figgis and
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surgeon. No bless you my husband ain t like a husband
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initiative shall lie wi th a constable relieving officer or
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don will arrange to entertain at an early date Dr. Russell
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practitioners as a rule have very little if any knowledge of bool
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tinction lietween mere slow dilatation of the cervix the
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increased theadultdeath rate the infant death rate was greatly
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part signed by the medical officer of health far the district concerned.
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cases as in my own the operator was relieved of the
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SSrsing and admin istra Jion of the Thettord Workhouse Infirmary.
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that salaries have been cut down to the very lowest point. In
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bolism is more frequent that is some toxic element finding
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But on April 19th.she became cyanosed and respiration
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suspicious whose eyes though not in many cases showing
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the little appearance of discharge eases were proving con
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not been receiving many people in private audience lately
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treatment he received. In consequence of the wisdom Mr.
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An inquiry into the collection and disposal of house refuse
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Enelish and Continental Methods of Municipal Sanitary
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itself being a suburb of Manchester. On one side of the
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educated people are to accept the red lamp as a medical
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cation properly conducted the man who elects to practise
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the head elevate the limbs apply heat to the back of the
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bcthe whole that was present. The pyrexia rapid breathing and per
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of unilateral nerve deafness. The tuning fork is placed on
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ascertain it when it is small in extent. The explanation of
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have just been prepared by the London County Council s
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alone went inside the screen. The students leaned over
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The smaller sizes can be used in any form of acute stenosis
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opinion is that the method I am advocating is the method
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Every such injection on my plan is followed byatemporaryre
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longed previous training lioth on the dead body and on
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aged and helped us. If any other member of the profession
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benefited by operation. The difficulty of removing the whole
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loosely attached to the throat grey and sloughy. The child
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powerful incentive to exertion and perhaps lead to a
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large of the leaders as well as of the rank and file.
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Kidney loosened and drawn into the wound. Palpation
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view of matters lias been corroborated by the remarks of Vr..Jaqucs
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The following are the arrangements tor the Final Examination for tho
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neglected to light the fire as she had been instructed to do.
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ing its apex if I may use the expression lightly with the
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What Her Royal Highness thought of her physician we do
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your next issue immediately after your next forthcoming
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doubt one and all read with satisfaction the plain words of
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malignant type. The progress during the past twelvemonths
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draw attention to the means which the practitioners propose
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less influenced by certain modes of treatment that is what
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was strong and well and was discharged. The temperature
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seems almost impossible that so large a dose could be recovered from.
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far recovered that nothing further was done e epUo feed
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which he was unfamiliar. It evidently belonged to the class
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the varicose posterior extremity is engaged in the ring and
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of 18f gt 2 and confers on local authorities the followingpowers
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wearisome journey often to the imminent risk of iffe or
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qualified persons among the pilgrims to jeport each year
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such impediments only obesity and tight lacing. The
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Before accepting this as an established fact In clinical medicine it
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as far as complete enucleation is concerned are to be obtained
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in the British Medical.JornxAi of November 10th on the
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into the pelvis. Nephrorrhaphy with catgut sutures. Owing
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nature of the trade carried on. The outcome of the inquiry
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Gouty Concretions in the Hands of a Woman aged. o. The
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