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membrane was made. In the other cases it was made and

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to the Secretary at tlie Office 4 Finsbury Circus E.G. by December

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look on this that orders were last week given for the com

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December 15th. I am quoted as saying in my letter of

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affidavits he said they were trumpery cases which had been

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haud. We ask was n it discipline acquired by medical officers entering

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equipped hospitals of the district it may be found possible

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pump under atmospheric pressure they must receive con

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doctor is willing to attend a man his wife and possibly

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In determining upon the propriety of inducing labour we

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meatus the total number of which was 64. there remained

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Even a slight amount of daily practice of the respiratory

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the banks of the Darling. The horses grew very gradually

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made by way of operation but these were the casts ou which

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face of the increasing resistance greater and greater difliculty

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and in May 1893 the completed draft having been accepted

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from women who have been induced to part with their

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poor wretch can be brought round to life again after being

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full bodied and of the Bortiundy char 3cter guaranteed to be

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stipendiary magistrate refused to consider it as an excuse

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We can tjierefore honestly congratulate our contemporary on

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in the future it will be replaced by strict selection by a

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Suhgeqn Majok Gahdneu. The employment of retired medical officers.

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conclusion that there would be no immediate danger now

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responsibility the case of Alan Fergusson to which we

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up e vevy day. There was a slight diminution in the amount of

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respect to my professional bretluen to protest against the

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etc. Incidentally he mentions a number of facts in regard

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pathogenic germs. This question had not yet in our opinion

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must be looked on as an extrinsic irritat on and in many

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from the employment of untrained women c That the proposed legis

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these necessary parts of a successful method of treatment.

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the Secretary of State for Var on the recommendation of the Director

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mouth by water In Em ope we had proof that by being so

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recent times. We have not seco the return prepared in consequence

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such combustion Is an Invarlalde accompaniment of the

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course of the day. The diarrhcea still continued. On July

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Hall but as the works ircrease and the danger attending

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the difficulty of breathiug bee me marked. I found the child

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In 1893 the results were similar though there was at that

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put down for that year was really founded on a compai atively

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A slow and insidious commencement such as we are in the

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group were described. The causation was referred to purely

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grain in the twenty four hours. Present condition well

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statutes and regulations of the T niversity is being rapidly

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the present occasion it has been found necessary to divide

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bracing almost all we know about the nervous system and

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suppuration was suspected s aowed such unmistakable trans

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say for a paper intended for a Congress must be curtailed

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have the public to ask for the sanitary protection of a

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in the serum and its separation must be difficult. In solu

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used for gas acquiring an ethereal odiur and consequently

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four quinquennial periods lS7i 7S 1S79 S3 1S84 SS 1S89 9S

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root for instance may contain as little as 0..S6 per cent of

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sanitaria for special diseases as smallpox diphtheria tuber

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latter out the uterus was seen lying in its normal position

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coated tongue and marked constipation. Gradually without alarming

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dressed with copies of testimonials to the governors of public hos

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might be because his position was that as a honueopath he

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