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showed Two Calculi removed by suprapubic operations a

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endurable. Passing on to the consideration of the elTects of

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the constitutional or general condition which follows the

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After the appointment of delegates to the next meeting of

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considerably increased and the child thougli not cyanosed

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tremely poor surroundings and insufficient food. Early in

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apoplexy. As regards anaphrodisiacs. the only one he had

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own. To the systematic gymnastic instruction now in force

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Ilexes absent no fatty stools. On admission he was weak rapidly

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ino connection with the breast and was not furnished with

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The hospital has let us hope been saved but it is not a

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but we are told that every member who aspires to enjoy any

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The clinical course of the cases under treatment fully bore

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lecture for apart from being a special subject of surgical

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straight but it was tremulous especially at the tip. Tliere

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Young the Dean of the IMedicril School explained that the

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necessarily arise in a single gland. In some of the cases of

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have evidence of a local growth of rather rapid course in the

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who perished at Tyburn in 1725 was of low stature. The

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itis. These two general cerebral symptoms with the onset in

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the left suprascapular region and elsewhere and death oc

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in addition to Dr. Jameson Mr. Rhodes and Major Sawyer

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therefore that in all eases the wounds of the victims of dog

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and the subsequent treatment carried out by means of the

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other probationers in training. If all the larger infirmaries

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taken for e amination depends indeed upon so many con

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scalp and bone was turned out with the aid of Cotterill s

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l.v some notes on Spiroptera associa ei with Tuberculosis

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doubled in the last ten years. In the Paris faculty alone there

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that it was determined to give her such a chance as a resection

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promote the further elucidation of the subject and would

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guardians of morality and unless the law has been infringed

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