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rapidly we find no abnormal change in the tympanic mem
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The staining was most marked in the arachnoid in the
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in at least 4 per cent the information given was too imperfect
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prepared porcelain closed at one extremity with the
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sions to observe. A discussion followed the reading of Dr.
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published in the Bamsa Mepical JoinN Ai of November
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sphenoidal suppuration producing intense headache and
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origin leukaemia or lleno leukaemia acute or chronic
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which there was no evidence of Eustachian obstruction with
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we have refen ed as a scandal it is wholly needless and
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J. Owen Parry Clerk to the Guardians Clerk s Office Hackney Union
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Hospital Report. He also drew the following deductions l i
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recognition of bacteria and their differentiation as well as
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pyrexia in meningitis may in part be due to interference
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deaths were registered in eight of the principal Scotch towns. The annual
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known as solazzi. Of the several varieties of this form of
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ague described brassfoundini is charged with various other
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gestion of the jury in respectfully suggesting to the hospital
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meeial departmtnts of the Bbi hsb Medical JotlBNAi are devoted vtiU be
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to N. Ferguson President Poor law Board by Novemucr j th.
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limb with a heel high enough to take the weight all off the
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