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second table showed that the total mortality of 1894 though
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on the one hand and the lumbar fascia and the peri
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treme geniality made him a great favourite with fellow stu
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in the case of Mr. Lockyer all who had to do with Messrs.
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Lecture 18. Sterilization and Pasteurization of milk.
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chloroform we had an agent which though potent for good
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Lord Byron. Professor Pilres of Bordeaux hss seen twelve
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Lastly I would again call your attention to the fact that
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On examination all the organs were found normal. The gait was
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producing untoward effects. Chemic and bacteriologic
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those from the side on which the motor processes act on
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of that art. and in which you intimate your intention to
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public interests was in regard to soldiers and sailors.
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ing whicli is in all cases so essential. It is quite certain
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diffuser or radiator something which will absorb the heat from the
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lUience our own. based as it was on an unbiassed and conscientious
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injected. This serum has been used in cases of diphtheria on
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kidney in a woman who had died suddenly and in whom
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ethmoidal and antral diseate is a point that I think may
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elbow joint and to him and to him alone belongs the estab
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We noticed small ventilators in the walls at the level of ihe
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hospital treatment. The example set in London soon spread
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that they show not only much knowledge and much practical
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affairs so far as the occasional flooding of the basements ie
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point which obviously must be decided by the governors of
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which may be derived from the use of antipyrin in targe
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England his wound closing for a time then reopening
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qualification as registered practitioners we find that the
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certain conditions to enter on its evolutional cycle by
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be forthcoming and the lecture room was so crowded that
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Dr. Bronnee had seen cellulitis of this kind after injury to

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