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About the general plan of the hospital I cannot say much
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further curetting and treatment the pus continues to flow
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having encountered secondary hamoiTliage or any of the
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ably the difi erent observations of practitioners who liave
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These cases came under his care during the past five
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Bingham s case was that after having made arrangements to be within
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He thought that was altogct i.r unreasonable to assume that
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ready if necessary to reintubate immediately. He further
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committee had to pay for the lecturer s services he should
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of which is comparnble with that of the Honours School in
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consequences of breaking the by laws of their College. But
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proof that this fascinating and exhilarating form of sport
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WEST LONDON HOSPITAL. Hammersmith Road W. Assistant Anes
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ment does not follow the patient should be frankly told that
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the symptoms due to the tumour could be distinctly recog
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long tedious and uncertain entailing years of suspense on the
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pleasant form for the administration of this new uric acid
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the patient s will. There was the difference however
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lion had continued with occasional intermissions i i u
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imprisonment for wilful fire raising. Whether the facts
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jaenbnei alludes to a similar condition of the gums and
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rides to tombs and other distant places of interest should be
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minutes the intestine last returned was seen to be con
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evacuation whereas the anterior ethmoidal cells and possibly
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of an injury it was difficult to ascribe a cause for the
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that Dr. Norman publicly declared that in the event of an
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payment with imprisonment with or without hard labour for a period

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