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pearance in question arising from invagination of the hepatic
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was however one difficulty and that was that although
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can be laid down are those set forth by Adam in As Yoti
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Sixth Annual Meeting held at the Club House of the Hotel
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which his paper had been received lie quite agreed with
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and then delivered an admirable address. Having referred
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completely but in some a chronic condition remained which
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used an ointment wnich contained oleate of mercury sali
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tributed in jacketed tins a certnin amount of sick cookery
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tlie deafness which is the most distressing result of the ill
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the report of the necropsy now published as an official paper
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metal case for containing a catheter which they have made
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circumstance that fo them ordinary hospital treatment is very often
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humanity of the principle is not made obvious. There are
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and most excellent monograph on the Malaria i nranite.
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twenty six days horse was tested on guinea pigs and it was
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without ambition. To this we quite agree but surely a
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A Surgeon Major under orders for India this season about February
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police could be usefully employed in this matter and so tflke
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nurse that bath rooms be provided for the use of the sick
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amples of the pocket diaries manufactured by them the
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have mentioned justify me in ccnsidering it a case of early
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had been in constant attendance upon cases of diphtlieria at a
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that recovered had no bad symptoms and except that one ease
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some considerable time. Tlie point I wish to urge is that

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