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diphtheria bacillus might not be discovered in some

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whatever we do a constable is necessary who shall make people take

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path will be watched with great interest by all who believe

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their duties in respect of lunatics at large or not under

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spreading from one spot. In nearly every instance when we were able

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motions complained of by that committee was that there was

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On Iune 11th Dr. Noel Paton at Dr. Muir s request kindly

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therefore impossible to be sure on what the angular curva

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gave certificates himself and had never known Mr. Allen to

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public character. He died at the age of 54 and has left a

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that the example of the Italian Government will be followed

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extreme lateral position of the eyeballs no Sfiuint no

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The bacteriological data acquired in the last fifteen years

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of Westminster at the age of 80 and was buried in the

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tained though in support of his position he brought forward

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absolutely accurate but these disturbing factors are con

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the disease as he saw it enumerating the various aflfections

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to the human family. Every day after the seventh month

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imaginary but real obvious to the surgeon and due to

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tion it remained in a stable condition. In Klein and Roux s

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and clean blankets every foituiglit or. o ought soon to remove the

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universities with fewer than l ooo students Stvassburg comes

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stopper may be forgotten with impunity. At present the

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twenty one days before each meeting namely December 27th

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only available method of treatment. I have had ex ierience

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within a week and it looked during the first week after the

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clined to operate. If by operation all diseased tissue could

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was distended by a large swelling in which the foetal parts

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from an institution which has not adopted the same stand

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Dr. Spiceb suggested endolaryngeal removal before resort

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tion if only because it sometimes in cases where antrum

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lation of the tissues operated on was impaired it was

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the said treatment appliances and wares had been impar

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public is unable to judge. In this dispute the public should

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the special point which Dr. Gairdner had dealt with.

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tion are commonly fulfilled. Since the floods in York in

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peared. My explanation is that during the struggling air

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A Geneeal Peactitionee will thank An Old Fogey but not a FossU

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was then 104 2 the respiration 64 and the pulse 160. I here

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sions and without any obstruction in the urinary passaees.

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should all be counted with the deaths from diphtheria and

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ments to see how far this physical property could be utilised

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maintenance of hospitals necessarily falls on the Govern

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tion with the tumour. The other ovary showed an extreme

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Salary 100 per annum with board lodging and washing. Applica

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affairs so far as the occasional flooding of the basements ie

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Sib The letter advocating the use of tabloids in the

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ment at Guy s Hospital in March 1894 with polypi in the

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even richer than the original material with which they were

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