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hypertrophy of the structures but consists of a true degenera

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In 18G8 I made a large number of investigations on the

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hot fomentations did not relieve it the husband came for me.

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day of the disease. On admission there was thick membrane

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their wives and families have been and are members in addition to

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removal of the tongue either partially or in its entirety.

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each. To obviate such an unfair state of things. Surgeon General Stern

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of the serum cannot of course extend to the removal of

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squill etc. had failed. It also succeeded admirably in cases

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sist of recitals of the cases without the expression of any

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contained from 10 WX to iO OOt microbes in every cubic centi

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or 73 per cent. have never observed any illefTects at all worth

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is necessary to make it possible to follow Dr. Dembo s reason

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charge of Dr. in whose establishment he had been now

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this case nothing is known although it is almost in

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of his deteriuration was recognised and he was not punished

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into deep cesspits in the chalk from which the water supply

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structed. It is proposed to place these tanks on the town

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He strikingly points out that our whole scheme of hos

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his statements that infant mortalitv was increasing the

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conditions of liealth. In August 1894 his spleen was said to

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and results of capital operations performed within the period.

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on July 9th. Respiration was greatly relieved but the reces

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is an interference with their freedom. I do not consider that

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week before she had been alarmed to find a considerable

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medium does not necessarily produce the same results

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refrigeration. Hence we shall endeavour to uicrease the

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hours in order to reduce the risk of extravasation to a mini

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a part of the grounds remote from the genei al wards. They

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